SaaS Case Studies

Looking for some SaaS case studies to inspire you? See the results my years of experience have generated for past clients.

Zaius Project Overview

Client: Zaius is a customer data software that allows you to gather and disseminate customer data to different sales, analytics and marketing tools. 

Problem: Though Zaius had great, consistent growth, it wasn’t what they wanted. So, they asked me to look for areas that needed improvement.

Solution: I analyzed Zaius’s content and keyword targeting to see if they were focusing on phrases that drove the most traffic. I developed a plan their team could work with for technical best practices, content production, SaaS content marketing strategy and keyword targeting moving forward. I also built internal links to the most important pages on their website from a traffic perspective.

Process: During the initial weeks of the project, I created a plan for keyword targeting updates, site design changes, content optimization and technical optimization updates to allow better link juice flow to important pages on their site to boost traffic. After the changes were made, I built links to those pages. Zaius implemented my recommendations immediately and started seeing results within 3 months. I also suggested an aggressive SaaS link building strategy that contributed to the quick results.

Plan: The planning phase involved giving Zaius’s development, social and content team recommendations they could implement to see immediate changes and also a long-term plan they could use for future updates.

Production: The Zaius team utilized my recommendations and created well-optimized content. After creating the initial plan for their team to work with, I focused all my time on link building. I position the links to the target pages I noticed were most influential in their search traffic growth.

Results Achieved Within the First Two Months

  • After implementing the initial recommendations, Zaius recorded a 17% increase in organic traffic
  • 129% organic traffic increase to the integration pages I built links to
  • Over 1230 ranking positions across all the tracked keywords
  • 3.5 ranking position increase to the integration pages I built links to

Proposify Project Overview

Client: Proposify is a proposal software company that helps customers design elegant client proposals quickly. The software integrates into most invoicing platforms like Freshbooks.

Problem: Proposify wanted more organic search traffic to feed into their emailing list, which is their biggest source of converting potential customers. 

Solution: I focused the majority of my content around creating gated proposal guides, proposal templates, ebooks and worksheets behind an email signup prompt. Every time someone typed their email on a dedicated landing page they were sent the resource through email and looped into Proposify’s marketing automation database. I also wrote well-researched blog posts that ranked on Google’s 1st page and helped create buzz around these resources.

Process: Proposify provided valuable insights into their audience and clarity about what they wanted their project to focus around. I worked with that data to conduct an SEO site audit to see if their site needed any structural changes, a content audit to establish if there were any blind spots they had toward their audience and keyword research to identify new opportunities. After the analysis, I produced large and small content pieces that focused on high-converting keywords. 

Plan: The original plan was based on creating new large content pieces that Proposify could use to gain traffic through the search engines. I also ensured their website’s technical structure was solid and didn’t need any larger SEO changes before moving on to the production process. Before proceeding, I checked everything thoroughly and conducted a technical audit, keyword research and developed a content strategy. 

Production: After performing the analysis, I found some technical issues on their website that Proposify’s team resolved. I then began creating large content assets using the data I had collected from Proposify and through keyword research. I knew the content that would perform better based on previous content published on their site and focused on topics I knew had traction. I also tested other avenues (SaaS social media strategy), which the Proposify team had not explored.

Results Achieved Within 6 Months 

  • 130% increase to the email list in organic search traffic conversions, meaning the searchers I got were more targeted and likely to convert. 
  • 63% improvement in organic search traffic, from 181, 200 searchers in 2015 to 676, 000 searchers in 2016.

FreshService Project Overview

Client: FreshService is a contract management software company that helps customers store and search for their contracts in a secure system at any time. The software allows customers to combine reports quickly and get alerts on expiration dates and important contract details so that they don’t lag behind on payments or work.

Problem: Although FreshService had superior software than most of their competitors, they weren’t showing up on search engines for keyword phrases relevant to their product.

Solution: I helped them rank for their highest converting keywords to boost their organic search traffic. The initial plan involved developing an effective SaaS SEO strategy, resolving technical issues and implementing a solid SaaS content strategy to grow their traffic over time.

Process: I kicked off the project by doing the following:

  • Performed SaaS keyword research to identify the right keywords to target for pillar pages. I also created topic clusters to determine topics I could use for content creation. 
  • Conducted technical audit at a structural level to find issues affecting the website. I also recommended ongoing technical monitoring to prevent any problems from popping up while the project was running. 
  • Performed competitive analysis to know where FreshService’s competitors were getting their links from plus the authority of those links to plan my SaaS link building strategy accordingly. 
  • Developed SaaS content marketing strategy after evaluating FreshService’s competitors to know the perfect content types to produce. 

Plan: FreshService wasn’t creating organically focused content since their product was still early in its life-cycle. So, I implemented content creation with a consistent SaaS content strategy.

Production: I began creating content at a consistent pace after developing a clear outline of the keywords to target, how FreshService’s content should be written and how to distribute it to their target audience. I created a list of keywords I wanted to target and created in-depth content for each keyword to ensure I had blog posts appearing for all the keywords in different variants of search queries.

Results: Here are the results I achieved:

  • Rankings across the first year increased 1903 positions across 67 tracked keywords, an average increase of 28 positions for each keyword.
  • During the first year, organic traffic increased by over 257%, an increase of about 70,000 new users.
  • Within the first 5 months, FreshService’s organic traffic increased by 97% (about 19,000 new users).
  • In the next three years, organic traffic increased by 600%, an increase of more than 220,000 new users.